Lab facilities


We use two dedicated eye-tracking rooms, equipped with Tobii eye-trackers. The system is controlled using E-Prime or OpenSesame.


We have an HP distributed computing cluster, composed of 7 nodes, each with two Quad-core processors and 32 GB of RAM. Overall, there are 60 cores. The nodes are interconnected with Infiniband technology network. The cluster is controlled by Linux (Mandrake 9.04 distribution), and exploits Open-MPI libraries as communication routines.
We have several workstations equipped with high-performance Graphic Processing Units (GPUs), such as GeForce Titan X. We also use Google Cloud Computing for the most compute-intensive work.   


We have access to state-of-the-art neuroimaging equipement through our affiliation with the Padova Neuroscience Center and our twin lab  Computational Neuroimaging Laboratory at IRCC San Camillo Hospital in Venice. This includes access to 3 Tesla MR scanner (Philips Ingenia), high-density EEG (256 channels), TMS. In-house equipment includes 32/64-channels EEG (BrainAmp) and TES for neuromodulation. We also use functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) equipment in a didicated Departmental lab.