Lab Members

Lab Members:

Marco Zorzi

Lab Director



Carlo Umiltà

Professor Emeritus

Cognitive psychology and cognitive neuropsychology of attention, mathematical cognition, executive functions and visuo-motor integration.


Mario Bonato

Associate Professor

Visuospatial attention, numerical cognition, space & time processing in healthy participants and brain-damaged patients. Neglect diagnosis and rehabilitation, clinical neuropsychology, ecological approach, cognitive science.


Alberto Testolin

Assistant Professor

Deep learning, neuro-symbolic AI, cognitive modeling, visual perception, language, numerical cognition and mathematical learning.


Mariagrazia Ranzini

Assistant Professor

Numerical Cognition, Embodied Cognition, Cognitive Neurosciences.


Michele De Filippo De Grazia

Research Fellow

Machine Learning techniques (deep networks, SVMs) and their applications, computational modeling, space coding and spatial transformations, parallel computing.



Zaira Romeo


Default Mode Network, EEG, ERP, cognitive neuroscience, visuo-spatial attention.


Francesco Sella


Numerical cognition in typical and atypical development; Numerical and non-numerical estimation; Math disability and Dyscalculia; ADHD.


Sebastiano Cinetto

Ph.D. Student

Visuo-spatial attention, eye-tracking, stroke rehabilitation, machine learning.


Kuinan Hou

Ph.D. Student

Computational modeling, generative AI, numerical cognition.




Chiara Spironelli

Associate Professor

EEG, ERP, language lateralization, cortical platicity, spatial attention.
Psychophysiology Research Group
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elvio blini thumbnail

Assistant Professor

Cognitive neuroscience of spatial and numerical cognition.


Associate Professor

Cognitive Neuroscience, Neuroimaging, Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
(fNIRS), Cognitive control, Executive functions, Numerical cognition, Visual short-term memory.


Konstantinos Priftis

Full Professor

Clinical and Cognitive Neuropsychology of spatial and mathematical disorders, Brain-computer interfaces guided by electrophysiological signals.





Former Members:

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