Maria Grazia Di Bono

Personal Page of Maria Grazia Di Bono

Maria Grazia Di Bono



Department of General Psychology
University Of Padova
via Venezia 12/2
35131 Padova (Italy)

tel : +39 049 827 6642
fax: +39 049 827 6600
e-mail: mariagrazia.dibono(at)
office: room P12 (ground floor), Building Psico2

Research Interests

  • Machine Learning algorithms for fMRI data analysis
  • Graph theoretical analysis of functional brain networks (fMRI and EEG data)
  • Computational models
  • Numerical cognition
  • Interactions between space and time
  • Machine Learning applications

Ph.D., Psychology/Cognitive Science, University of Padova (2009)
Laurea (M.Sc.), Computer Science, University of Pisa (2002)

Representative publications

  • Di Bono, M. G., Begliomini, C., Castiello, U., & Zorzi, M. (2015). Probing the reaching-grasping network in humans through multi-voxel pattern decoding. Brain and Behavior. doi: 10.1002/brb3.412.
  • Cainelli, E., Cappellari, A., Bisiacchi, P. S., Sole, M., Di Bono, M., & Suppiej, A. (2015). 19. Early brain connectivity differences in premature infants. Clinical Neurophysiology, 126(1), e5.
  • Di Bono, M. G., & Zorzi, M. (2013). Deep generative learning of location-invariant visual word recognition. Frontiers in Psychology, 4.
  • Di Bono, M. G., Casarotti, M., Priftis, K., Gava, L., Umilt√†, C., & Zorzi, M. (2012). Priming
    the Mental Time Line. Journal of Experimental Psychology. Human Perception and
    Performance, 38
    (4), 838-842.
  • Gava, L., Valenza, E., Di Bono, M. G., & Tosatto, C. (2012). Discrimination and ordinal judgments of temporal durations at 3 months. Infant Behavior and Development, 35, 751-760.
  • Zorzi, M., Di Bono, M. G., & Fias, W. (2011). Distinct representations of numerical and
    non-numerical order in the human intraparietal sulcus revealed by multivariate pattern
    recognition. NeuroImage, 56(2), 674-80.
  • Cavinato, M., Di Bono, M. G., Cisotto, G., Genna, C., Marangon, M., Zorzi, M., & Piccione, F. (2011). The effects of transcranial direct current stimulation on oscillatory brain activity in vegetative state: a preliminary study. Archives Italiennes de Biologie a Journal of neuroscience, 149(3): S29.
  • Kramer, P., Di Bono, M. G., & Zorzi, M. (2011). Numerosity estimation in visual stimuli in
    the absence of luminance-based cues. PloS one, 6(2), e17378.