Carlo Umiltà

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Carlo Umiltà

Carlo Umiltà

Professor Emeritus
Department of General Psychology
University Of Padova
via Venezia 12/2
35131 Padova (Italy)

tel : +39 049 827 6610
fax: +39 049 827 6600
e-mail: carlo.umilta(at)
office: room 011 (ground floor), Building Psico2

Research Interests
Neuropsychology; cognitive psychology and cognitive neuropsychology; neural bases of cognitive
processes, with special reference to selective attention, spatial attention, mathematical cognition,
executive functions and visuo-motor integration.


Doctor of Medicine, University of Bologna.
Doctor of Psychology, University of Padova.

Representative publications

  • Bonato, M., Zorzi, M. & Umiltà, C. (in press). When time is space: Evidence for a mental time line
    and for a common magnitude system. Neuroscience and Biobehavioural Reviews.
  • Rusconi, E., Kwan, B., Giordano, B., Umiltà, C., Butterworth, B. (2006). Spatial representation of
    pitch height: the SMARC effect. Cognition 99, 113-129.
  • Zorzi M., Priftis, K., & Umiltà C. (2002). Neglect disrupts the mental number line. Nature, 417,
  • Craighero, L., Fadiga, L., Rizzolatti, G., Umiltà, C. (1999). Action for perception: A motor-visual
    attentional effect. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance 25,
  • Valenza, E., Simion, F., Cassia, V.M., Umiltà, C. (1996). Face preference at birth. Journal of
    Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance 22, 892-903.
  • Castiello, U., Umiltà, C. (1992). Splitting focal attention. Journal of Experimental Psychology:
    Human Perception and Performance 18 837-848.
  • Rizzolatti, G., Riggio, L., Dascola, I., & Umiltà, C. (1987). Reorienting attention across
    the horizontal and vertical meridians: Evidence in favor of a premotor theory of attention.
  • Neuropsychologia 25, 31-40.