Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Lab

CCNL (Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Lab) is a multidisciplinary research group located in the Department of General Psychology at the University of Padova.

CCNL (Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Lab) is a multidisciplinary research group established in October 2000 at the University of Padova. CCNL is located at the Department of General Psychology, with tight links to the Padova Neuroscience Center and to San Camillo Research Hospital in Venice-Lido.  

The lab is involved in multidisciplinary research at the frontiers between cognitive science, neuroscience and computer science. The focus is on the computational mechanisms underlying human cognition, from development to skilled performance and breakdowns of processing following brain damage.

Our computational modeling approach exploits recent advances in machine learning (deep learning and probabilistic graphical models) to develop connectionist models of human cognition. This is complemented by psychophysical and neuroimaging studies on a variety of populations (including neurological patients and learning disabled children). The main areas of cognitive research include numerical (mathematical) cognition, attention and visuospatial awareness, reading and dyslexia.

We also exploit machine (deep) learning techniques for neuroinformatics and ICT applications. 

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Our research has been generously funded by European Research Council, European CommissionCariparo Foundation, Compagnia di San Paolo, Italian Ministry of HealthItalian Ministry of Education, University and Research.

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